About Us

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We are enabling the innovator community to create the technology ecosystem that powers space exploration.

Space is rapidly transforming from the next frontier into a prosperous economy for research, manufacturing, business, exploration, entertainment and more, and Voyager is at the ready.

Our Story

Our technologies and capabilities are powering the commercial space revolution, and we’re forging the next generation of space infrastructure and technology.

Our Team

Voyager is a team of mission-driven, experienced innovators who believe in sustainable space exploration and transforming life on Earth.

Our Global Ecosystem

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Our Customers

We have proudly delivered and operated over 1,500 missions in space on behalf of commercial, civil, national security, STEM, and non-profit customers from 35+ nations around the world.

Voyager Space Services

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In a fast-moving, competitive marketplace like space, success is most often a function of time. Voyager Space Services (VSS) exists to free company founders & executives of the time-consuming operating tasks. The VSS MarketSpace allows you to focus on the one area that will drive value creation: your technology and products.

Voyager Space Services