Why Laser Communications Is The Future Of NewSpace

Voyager Space Satellite Comms

Many people may not realize the essential role space plays in our everyday lives here on Earth. We can monitor Earth with remote sensing, communicate with each other on our smartphones and watch high-definition TV shows all thanks to satellite constellations that power the applications that make our economies and societies function.   However, an […]

Altius to Contribute Technology to Robotic Arms for DoD On-Orbit Servicing

Voyager Space and Altius Space Machines DogTag Grappling Fixture

As we move into spring, we wanted to share more detail on a major project underway, and one that will be a significant part of everyday operations at Voyager’s Altius Space Machines over the next two years. In closing out 2021, our team received exciting news from the Defense Innovation Unit (DIU): Maxar Technologies was […]

Voyager and Altius Space Machines Celebrate First Successful Launch of 2022

Altius DogTags

February 10 marked a major milestone for Voyager Space and Altius Space Machines: not only was this our first successful launch of 2022, but it also marks over 300 DogTags™ having launched into space! An Arianespace Syouz rocket lifted off from French Guiana, carrying 34 OneWeb satellites, all equipped with Altius DogTags to support future […]

OneWeb Bolsters Commitment to Responsible Space with Advanced Grappling Technology From Altius Space Machines

OneWeb Altius grappling

LONDON, December 10, 2019 (OneWeb PR) – OneWeb, whose goal is to connect everyone everywhere, and OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, are coming together to advance the OneWeb Responsible Space program with a commitment to implement an advanced-technology grappling fixture, developed by Altius Space Machines, on OneWeb’s satellites. Dedicated to the idea that space […]