A Revolution in Space Access Means Revolution Everywhere

A Revolution in Space Access Means Revolution Everywhere

The future of commercial spaceflight has the power to change our lives. Space is undergoing a revolution in access and attainability — and may soon cease to be a distant frontier visited only by the select few. The past several years have brought about dozens of milestones in civilian space travel. In 2021 alone, a […]

​​How Computing Is Impacting Space Exploration

Kate Rubins Plants in Space

We need computing to survive in the harsh space environment and make long-term explorations a reality. Today’s digital computers have proved pivotal in the ability to help humans advance their goals on Earth and off. Their profound influence has not only improved nearly all aspects of life on Earth but almost every innovation of space […]

Achieving Longevity As An Entrepreneur

Space Entrepreneurs

Among the perks of entrepreneurship are work-life autonomy, financial independence and guiding one’s own business goals from vision board to reality. But starting from scratch is as challenging as it is rewarding. As the effects of the pandemic continue to ripple throughout the economy, achieving longevity requires dedication, business savvy and an eye for upcoming […]

Investing in these innovations will get us to Mars and beyond

Inflatable heat shield

Last year was historic for Mars exploration. While humans have been exploring the planet in some capacity for 50 years, 2021 marked several firsts in space exploration, including the first time probes from three countries arrived at the Red Planet. Progress is partially due to the convergence of many exciting trends that are helping to […]

How space exploration accelerates innovation

How space exploration accelerates innovation

In addition to encouraging advancements in industries like healthcare and tech, interplanetary exploration has enhanced everyday necessities.  Curiosity about the larger universe has brought about countless life-changing discoveries. From Babylonian star catalogs chiseled around 1200 BC to the acceptance of heliocentrism in the 16th century, Earth’s inhabitants have always been enamored with space exploration. Today, […]

Why Laser Communications Is The Future Of NewSpace

Voyager Space Satellite Comms

Many people may not realize the essential role space plays in our everyday lives here on Earth. We can monitor Earth with remote sensing, communicate with each other on our smartphones and watch high-definition TV shows all thanks to satellite constellations that power the applications that make our economies and societies function.   However, an […]

Voyager’s Clay Mowry Honored with Inaugural CSF James Kuzma Space Community Award

Clay Mowry Kuzma Award

The growing team at Voyager never ceases to amaze me: whether being awarded a NASA contract to build the first-of-its-kind commercial space station or designing a laser communications terminal to connect military aircraft with geostationary satellites, we always set – and exceed – the standard of what’s possible here on Earth and in space. While […]

Blockchain’s Applications For The Space Industry

Space Blockchain

Blockchain is an obscure term to most Americans, even if due to its growing popularity they know it’s linked to the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency and cyberspace transactions. In its simplest form, blockchain is simply a shared, public database of transactions in a network that stores all transactions in pieces of data (blocks) that are then chained […]

‘Everyone’s in the space industry. They just don’t know it yet.’


Dylan Taylor, Chairman and CEO, joined the Source Code Podcast to talk about the big business of space travel. A few hundred people have been to space. Just shy of 250 have been to the International Space Station, and all of two dozen have been on the moon. Pretty soon, though, all of those numbers […]

Next Bet: Manipulating Satellites in Orbit

Manipulating Satellites in Orbit

By all accounts, the past ten years have been the golden age of NewSpace start-ups. From SpaceX to the smallest NewSpace companies formed just for a Phase 1 SBIRs, the industry has seen an explosion of investment since 2010. According to Space Angels, a leading investor group that tracks space investment, that amount of investment […]