AgTech in Space: A United Nations Initiative


AgTech has become an increasingly critical area of innovation in space and Voyager and our operating companies are focused on leveraging the unique conditions of space to address the needs for long term space exploration and the changing climate here on Earth.  One key effort that we are focusing on is space sustainability. In working […]

Upcoming Mission Marks First-Ever Demo of Structural Metal Cutting in Space

First-Ever Demo of Structural Metal Cutting in Space

Voyager and Nanoracks are excited to announce that our first Outpost demonstration mission (Outpost Mars Demo-1) is expected to launch this month aboard SpaceX’s Transporter 5 rideshare flight. This mission is part of our Outpost Program, which is focused on transforming used launch vehicle upper stages into uncrewed, controllable platforms. But what will this actually […]

​​How Computing Is Impacting Space Exploration

Kate Rubins Plants in Space

We need computing to survive in the harsh space environment and make long-term explorations a reality. Today’s digital computers have proved pivotal in the ability to help humans advance their goals on Earth and off. Their profound influence has not only improved nearly all aspects of life on Earth but almost every innovation of space […]

How space exploration accelerates innovation

How space exploration accelerates innovation

In addition to encouraging advancements in industries like healthcare and tech, interplanetary exploration has enhanced everyday necessities.  Curiosity about the larger universe has brought about countless life-changing discoveries. From Babylonian star catalogs chiseled around 1200 BC to the acceptance of heliocentrism in the 16th century, Earth’s inhabitants have always been enamored with space exploration. Today, […]

How Do Leaders Deal With Space Debris?

Space Debris

If existing debris isn’t cleared to prevent further accumulation, collisions are likely to grow exponentially. For centuries, stargazers have marveled at complex constellations, glimpses of comets and the steady phases of the moon. But in the 60 years since humankind first breached Earth’s atmosphere, the sky has become crowded by something less exciting: space junk. […]

Why the Future of Humanity Relies on Space Exploration

Earth from Space

As climate change warms the planet, sea levels rise, and wildfires become commonplace, humans edge more precariously onto the precipice of a much harsher landscape. According to experts, humanity’s environmental woes are so severe that a global-scale ecological catastrophe is already underway.  During such dire times, questions remain about the issues we are focusing our […]

OneWeb Bolsters Commitment to Responsible Space with Advanced Grappling Technology From Altius Space Machines

OneWeb Altius grappling

LONDON, December 10, 2019 (OneWeb PR) – OneWeb, whose goal is to connect everyone everywhere, and OneWeb Satellites, a joint venture between Airbus and OneWeb, are coming together to advance the OneWeb Responsible Space program with a commitment to implement an advanced-technology grappling fixture, developed by Altius Space Machines, on OneWeb’s satellites. Dedicated to the idea that space […]