Our Story

Founded in 2019, Voyager is a team of experienced innovators and change-makers. We work tirelessly to set the foundation for a profitable space ecosystem and power human endeavor across the boundless Earth-Space expanse.

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Who We Are

Leveraging over 20 years of spaceflight heritage, Voyager is enabling the next generation of space infrastructure and technology. Over 500 customers from 35+ nations around the world have trusted us as their space solutions provider.

Our History

Dylan Taylor and Matt Kuta
October 2019
Voyager founded by Dylan Taylor and Matthew Kuta in Denver, Colorado
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January 2020
Voyager makes first acquisition in robotics and on-orbit servicing firm, Altius Space Machines
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July 2020
Voyager acquires aerospace chemicals and materials company, Pioneer Astronautics
Voyager Space Washignton DC
September 2020
Voyager expands to Washington, DC
Bishop Airlock Voyager Space Nanoracks
December 2020
Bishop Airlock launches to the International Space Station, the first permanent, commercial addition to the platform.
Voyager Space Board of Directors
January 2021
Voyager expands Board of Directors
DogTags Altius Space Machine
January 2021
First launch of DogTags, universal grapple fixtures lowering the cost of satellite servicing, and increasing space sustainability.
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April 2021
Voyager acquires The Launch Company
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May 2021
Voyager acquires commercial space infrastructure and services organization, XO Markets, which includes Nanoracks, DreamUp, and Starlab Oasis
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October 2021
Voyager acquires propulsion and signals intelligence company, Valley Tech Systems
Voyager wins SpaceNews Award
December 2021
Voyager wins SpaceNews Award for providing sorely needed patient capital to start ups.
Dylan Taylor
December 2021
Chairman and CEO Dylan Taylor launches to space onboard Blue Origin’s NS19 flight
Voyager Space Starlab
December 2021
Voyager and Nanoracks receive award to develop a first-of-its-kind commercial space station
Space Micro
January 2022
Voyager acquires leading satellite communications firm, Space Micro
April 2022
Voyager unveils its new brand.

unlocking infinite possibilities to build a better future in space and on Earth

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Space offers a tremendous opportunity to develop tangible solutions that address the growing challenges we face on Earth.  To make these solutions a reality, we are investing in space-based agriculture, the next-generation of dreamers, and orbital debris mitigation technologies and policies.

Voyager and Nanoracks outpost with a greenhouse inside
Voyager Space Innovation

world-class disruptors with a proven track record of innovation

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Our team breaks barriers and meets challenges head-on. We invest in our people to allow them to focus on what they do best – innovate.

harnessing best-in-class technologies to accelerate space development

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Voyager’s inventive infrastructure lays the foundation for a true space economy. But not all technology needs to be complicated – we standardize hardware to drive down costs.

Our team’s decades of experience enables our team to develop autonomous space stations, crewed platforms, on-orbit satellite servicing, orbital debris prevention and removal, advanced satellite communications and visualization systems, and controllable solid propulsion.

starlab space station rendering
Voyager Space Launch Company Acquisition

We empower everyday people to be part of an epic space journey

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Our revolutionizing commercial space services enable nations to become space faring for the first time, drive students to pursue career paths in STEM, and empowers innovators to start their own space companies. 

We know that one moment in space can change a person’s life – and we are passionate about making dreams come true.

We’re just getting started.

Every day at Voyager is a new adventure, and we invite you to explore with us.